North Hennepin Community College reserves the right to cancel student registrations for all credit courses unless the student has made satisfactory payment arrangements. The registration cancellation process begins immediately after the payment deadline and continues for registrations occurring through the fifth day of the term.

Satisfactory Payment Arrangements Include:

  • You have made payment in full.
  • You have applied for financial aid, and NHCC has received your FAFSA results from the US Dept of Education.
  • You are enrolled in the PSEO program and have submitted the PSEO enrollment form.
  • You have applied for a payment plan (Nelnet or NHCC plan) and submitted the required down payment.
  • You have submitted a Third Party Billing Authorization or Scholarship Notification to Accounting & Fees.
  • You have met the requirements for a GI Bill Deferment. 
  • You have made a tuition payment equal to 15% of the term's balance or $300, whichever is less.*

*It will be assumed that the student is selecting the NHCC Tuition Payment Plan option by making a payment equal to 15% of the balance or $300, and a $30 non-refundable payment plan fee will be assessed to the student’s account if the balance is not paid in full by the 25th business day of the term.  

Student Responsibility Notice:

The Registration Cancellation for Nonpayment Process is not a guarantee and you may not assume this forgives your debt. The student is ultimately responsible for all obligations incurred during the registration process. This means if you register for a class, and then change your mind or otherwise decide you will not be attending, it is your responsibility to drop the class in accordance with the refund policy.

To help you monitor your registration cancellation status, review the message displayed in eServices (select Bills and Payment and the current term's message will appear).

Registration will be cancelled during the registration cancellation process if you see:

stop Based on current information, you have not met the financial requirements necessary to remain enrolled after the tuition due date.

 Your registration will remain if you see:

go Based on current information (please read the reason provided), you will remain enrolled in your courses. You are responsible to cancel your registration if you do not plan to attend.