The purpose of the Care Team is to evaluate and address student behavior that may be inappropriate or concerning, and to coordinate the resources of the College to provide necessary supports.


  • Meet regularly to identify patterns, trends, and disturbances in the behavior of an individual or group
  • Evaluate the nature of a reported behavior or incident to assess the level of risk
  • Determine and coordinate resources to ensure comprehensive response and care
  • Balance the individual needs of the student and those of the greater campus community
  • Utilize a confidential report system
  • Campus awareness of the Care Team and how to report concerns  


  • Paulette Bonneur, Interim Director of Student Life
  • Elton Dahn, Director of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution
  • Nate Field, Interim Senior Associate Director of Student Life
  • Lindsay Fort, Dean of Student Development
  • Johanna Gangl, Counselor
  • Amy Harms Hoad, Human Services Faculty
  • Tracii Hunter, Associate Director of Advising
  • Dorthey Ikegwuani, Nursing Faculty
  • Ibuchwa Kisongo, Director of Public Safety
  • Kristi L’Allier, Director of Financial Aid & Scholarship
  • Tom Lynch, Director of Access Services
  • Anthony Miller, Interim Dean of Liberal Arts & Global Education
  • Jessica Neumann, Accommodation Specialist
  • Julia Salinas, Social Worker
  • Carley Saravia, Adjunct Counselor
  • Samantha Schendzielos, Counselor
  • Shelley Siegel, Director of Student Support Services/TRIO

Understanding FERPA

FERPA protects the privacy of students' education records. FERPA does not prohibit a college employee from sharing what they personally observe. In other words, a college employee would not violate FERPA by advising the Care Team of what he or she saw or heard when directly interacting with a student, when observing a student interact with others, or when otherwise observing a student's behavior or demeanor. For example if a faculty member notices disturbing content in a student's assignment, the faculty member should refer this to the Care Team. Although the student's assignment would likely be an education record protected by FERPA, FERPA authorizes school officials such as faculty to disclose education records to other school officials who have a legitimate educational interest in those records. Since the Care Team is responsible for responding to and supporting at risk students while simultaneously attending to the needs of the NHCC community, in these circumstances, the members of the Care Team would have a legitimate educational interest in examining the student's assignment.

Protecting student privacy is a high priority of the Care Team. Records and proceedings of the Care Team are kept confidential and shared only on a "need to know" basis in a manner that is consistent with college policy and the college’s obligations under applicable law, including FERPA.

How to File a Report

In order to file a report, you can click the "Submit Care Team Report" button to the right. Provide as much information about the student as possible, along with a description of the behavior of concern.

If someone is in immediate danger or in need of help, please call Public Safety at 763-424-0807, or dial 911.